Two Immediate Ways To Improve Your Semen Taste

By John Alexander


On an average western diet (i.e., pretty unhealthy), the typical man has semen that tastes salty and bitter, with a pH of above 8, comparable to a raw egg white. Particularly in men whose diets are high in dairy, the texture often is reported by women to be an unpleasant clumpiness, leaving an aftertaste.

The good news, however, is "you come what you eat." Through improved diet, you can improve the taste and texture of your semen enough to make your girlfriend enjoy swallowing.

In order to make your sperm taste as good as possible, you need to maximize your intake of the foods and liquids that have been experimented with and shown to improve it.

What to consume:

1. Pineapple juice. You should make it a ritual to have one glass of pineapple juice every day. Out of everything, this is the number one thing you can consume to make yourself taste better.

2. Cinnamon. (Try a teaspoon a day.)… the #1 taste-improving spice you can consume and overall is 2nd only to pineapple juice in the immediate improvement it makes to semen taste. The best way to take cinnamon is to mix it with oatmeal for your breakfast. Oatmeal is one of the best foods you can eat as a weightlifter because it has complex, slow-to-digest carbs and has a good amount of protein. (And by the way, in order to boost your testosterone levels, you need to start lifting weights. But we’ll get to that later.)

John Alexander is author of How to Be Her Best Lover Ever, which has 9 foods and drinks to consume, as well as 14 to avoid, so that your wife or girlfriend will enjoy swallowing.

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