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Dear Website Owner,

My ebook, How to Be Her Best Lover Ever, is changing the world because it's making so many guys better at pleasuring women. If your website gets visitors who might be interested in the book, maybe you'll want to promote it.

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My affiliate program is run by Clickbank, one of the most respected ecommerce companies on the Internet. You get paid every two weeks, and Clickbank is an impartial 3rd party, which means they keep statistics that are as accurate as possible. Plus they use a 60-day cookie, which means you get paid if the person you referred makes the purchase at any time over the next 60 days!

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Please note that depending on how you do your promotion (for instance if you pay for advertising), you could lose money as well. Joining my affiliate program means you have read and agree to my Earnings Disclaimer (link opens a new window).

When you promote How to Be Her Best Lover Ever, the main rule is do not spam. If you engage in email marketing, make sure it is only done through VERIFIED opt-in email lists only. Both Clickbank and I have a strict anti-spam policy.

Thank you for becoming my affiliate, and good luck to you! If there's anything I can do for you, please contact me and let me know.

Best regards,

John Alexander
Author, How To Be Her Best Lover Ever

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